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Poszukiwania partnera: Preclinical development of substances with a clear potential as orphan drugs

Koordynator z Francji poszukuje partnerów do projektu składnego do tematu: 

HEALTH- 2009-2.4.4-2: Preclinical development of substances with a clear potential as orphan drugs.


    Poszukiwani są partnerzy mający doświadczenie w:
    - Metabolomic analysis. An EU designed metabolomic platform will be preferred. The task will be to define the metabolism of AA in sciatic nerves.
    - Organic Chemist. They will be in charge of synthesizing intermediates and analogues of these molecules.
    - Pharmacodynamics. This structure will analyze the distribution of AA and intermediates in Schwann cells, sciatic nerves, and more generally peripheric nervous system.
    - Mouse/rat embryologist. This structure will analyze morphology of embryos treated with high doses of AA. Teratogenesis and toxicity will be determined.
    - Neonatal and growth period. This group will analyze the impact of AA on growth.
    - Behavioral analysis. This group will analysis cognitive function in AA treated rats vs placebo