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International Virtual Conference

The 2nd International Virtual Conference

             ICTIC 2013

March 25. - 29., 2013, Zilina, Slovakia


Call for Papers


ICTIC 2013 (March 25-29, 2013) is an International Virtual Conference organized by the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics at the University of Žilina in Slovakia. The conference will be held online as virtual conference at the address


The aim of this conference is to provide a worldwide forum, where the international participants can share their research knowledge and ideas on the recent and latest research and map out the directions for future researchers and collaborations. Researchers and graduate students are welcomed to participate in the conference to exchange research findings in the frontier areas of ICT for Business, Management, Informatics, Computer science and so on.


The conference covers these areas:


- Business Management, Resource Management,

- Marketing, Marketing Research and Strategy,

- Economy and Business Economics,

- Financing and Accounting, Public Economics and Finance,

- Applied informatics,

- Information networks,

- Information and Communication Technology,

- Computer science,

- Wireless technologies,

- Databases, distributed systems,

- Object-oriented solutions and technologies,

- Artificial Intelligence and Image processing,

- Parallel computing,

- Software design,

- Robotics,

- Networking and network design,

- Optimization and algoritmization,

- ICT in medicine, humanities, education, science, etc,

- and other related topics